Allah, from Introduction to Islam by Dr. Zahid Aziz

The Divine Being from Islam, The Religion of Humanity by Maulana Muhammad Ali

The Divine Being from Handbook of Islam, abridged edition of The Religion of Islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Allah — The Unique Name of God by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi

Word Allah used for God in Modern Standard Arabic translation of the Bible

The Oneness of God by Dr Zahid Aziz

The Lord of All-encompassing mercy by Miss Sarah Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan 

Attributes of Allah - Selections from The Quran Compiled by the Editor (The Light and Islamic Review, April - June 2018)


The Holy Quran: Arabic Text with English Translation, Commentary and comprehensive Introduction By Maulana Muhammad Ali

Miraculous Nature of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Ramadan Daily Quran Studies

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Learning and Disseminating the True Message of the Quran: Jummah Khutba (Sermon) from June 18, 1948 By Maulana Muhammad Ali

Seven criteria for the right interpretation of the Holy Quran, by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (see The Light and Islamic Review, March - April 1998)

The opening of Surah Al-Baqara by Dr. Zahid Aziz

Shakir’s plagiarism of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s translation of the Holy Quran (first edition)

Reading the Holy Quran: The right and proper way versus ritual use

Lessons in the Quran – Translation of Mr. N.A. Faruqui’s book Mu‘arif-ul-Qur’an by Dr. Mohammad Ahmad, Columbus, Ohio | Lesson 13 | Lesson 12 | Lesson 11 | Lesson 10 | Lesson 9 | Lesson 8 | Lesson 7 | Lesson 6 | Lesson 5

Unravelling the “Tangled Knot”: Cause and Effect of 450 Years of Manipulating Qur’anic Revelations By Hans Drost (Published in The Light and Islamic Review, October-December 2017, January-March 2018 issues) | Part 1 | Part 2


Chishti guided more people than Israelite prophets

Four excellent qualities bestowed upon saints, From the book ‘Tiryaq al-Qulub’, by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (see The Light and Islamic Review, November - December 1997)

Eid Sermons

Performance of Good Deeds, with Sincerity: Eid ul Fitr Sermon, June 2019 By Ebrahim Mohamed

Creating Happiness and Peace on Earth: Eid ul Fitr Khutba (Sermon) By Ebrahim Mohamed (External Link, The Light and Islamic Review)

The Real Basis for Muslim Progress: Eid Khutba (Sermon) from April 27, 1925 By Maulana Muhammad Ali (Translated by Dr. Mohammed Ahmad) 

Celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life - Eid ul Adha Khutba (Sermon) By Ebrahim Mohamed 

Al-Asr (“The Time”): Means for Spiritual Progress - Jummah Khutba (Friday Sermon) from May 7, 1920 By Maulana Muhammad Ali (Translated By Dr. Mohammed Ahmad) 

‘Id al-Fitr address at Darus Salaam, London, on 29 January 1998, by Mr. Nasir Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan 

Sacrifice of Abraham Id-ul-Adha address at Darus Salaam, London, 7 April 1998 by the Editor 

Id al-Fitr address Khutba at Darus Salaam, London, delivered on 18 January 1999 by Mr Nasir Ahmad

Other Topics


·         Prayer and its acceptance (1994, issue 3)

·         Prayer — the Sustenance of the Soul, Speech at the Ahmadiyya Convention, Toronto, 1997 By Dr. Mohammad Ahmad, Columbus, Ohio 

·         Contact with God elevates man Khutba by Maulana Muhammad Ali 

·         Spiritual Striving of a Believer By Lubna Ahmad 


A Trend of Decline in Religiosity By Fazeel S. Khan, Esq. 

Interpreting Scripture By Dr. Ayesha Khan 

Islam’s Guidance for Serving Humanity by Hajira Ahmed

Slavery and Concubinage according to Islam: Two misunderstood concepts diametrically opposed to Islam's fundamental goal of liberating humanity - By Lubna Ahmad 

The age of deception by Dr. Zainib Ahmad 

Human responsibility and its denial 

The concept of Truth in the Quran 

Teachings of Islam on Family Life

Muslims as followers of earlier prophets — Islam brings religions together

Use of words nabi and rasul in Islamic literature to mean non-prophets

Clothing of Virtue and Piety By Barry White (Muhammad Sadiq) 

Arise and Warn! - Jummah Sermon delivered in South Africa By Ebrahim Mohamed 

Individual Spiritual Reform - Means to Eradicating Transgression and Inequity in the World By Maulana Muhammad Ali (Translated by Dr. Mohammed Ahmad) 

Islamic Pluralism: The need for Diversity in Attaining the Goal of Unity - By Fazeel S. Khan 

The Spiritual Practices of Ramadan - By Christina Butler, Ph.D. 

Environmental Protection: Perspectives from the Quran and the Sunnah - By Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu 

Lessons on Maintenance of Temporal and Spiritual Orders By Maulana Muhammad Ali (translated by Dr. Mohammad Ahmad) 

Book Review, Kalim Siddiqui’s ‘Stages of Islamic Revolution’, Reviewed by Svend Akram White 

Review of the new American film ‘The Siege’ by Svend M. Akram White