Qadian Jamaat Removes 'Rape' Article and the Case for Nida ul Nassir Ahmad

Does Islam require a female rape victim to produce four witnesses?

The answer to this question has conveniently been removed from:

What was the answer to the question given?  It is as follows [bolding is mine]:
Likewise, nothing in the Qur’an or the traditions (Hadith) validates the allegation that a woman must provide four witnesses to prove she was raped. On the contrary, numerous traditions related to rape also prove that the woman is not to be punished. It is the height of absurdity to suggest that a rape victim faces punishment. Abdul-Jabbar ibn Wa’il ibn Hujr reported on the authority of his father that a woman was raped in the time of Prophet Muhammad(sa). Prophet Muhammad(sa) punished the rapist but prescribed no punishment for the victim [2]. In another tradition, Alqamah ibn Wa’il Kindi reports on the authority of his father that Prophet Muhammad(sa) punished a rapist but not the victim [3]. We challenge critics to cite a Qur’anic verse that prescribes such injustice or a tradition in which Prophet Muhammad(sa) punished the victim but not the rapist.

Here's a snapshot from the Internet Archive site captured on July 8, 2021:

It has also been removed from:

Here's a snapshot from the Internet Archive site captured on December 27, 2021:

I had myself personally navigated to the original web page just a few weeks ago and seen that article prior to its removal.

The following article has also been removed regarding a Fox Interview with Harris Zafar:

Harris Zafar quite rightly stated [bolding is mine]:
"Some incorrectly assert that Islam requires a rape victim to bring forth four witnesses to prove she has been raped. This is absolutely absurd and has no basis in the Koran. In truth, the Koran instructs the complete opposite in Chapter 24, verse 5, when it instructs to punish those who falsely accuse chaste women of adultery but do not bring forth four witnesses to prove the adulterous act. Such accusers should be punished for slander and false testimony. Nowhere in the Koran will you find instructions for a victim of rape to present four witnesses to prove she was raped. There is no justice in that."

Here's a snapshot from the Internet Archive site captured on  June 10, 2021:

As of today (Jan 1, 2022), you are able to view the following article at the following link created by the Qadian Jamaat:

No doubt, it will seen be removed!

Hence, the question now is, why have these articles been removed? It is simply because the Qadian Jamaat wishes to save face of their current 'khalifa' Mirza Masroor Ahmad whom believes that a victim of rape requires four witnesses to prove the allegation! The Qadian Jamaat has without a doubt an unjust khalifa. However, entire structure of the khilafat system of the Qadian Jamaat is predicated on the false notion that he can and say do no wrong!

In a leaked audio call (though not by her according to one of her Tweets, see below), now on the Internet, he says to his female relative (Nida-ul-Nasser) whom alleges she has been a victim of sexual abuse (rape) by certain men, including the brother-in-law of Mirza Masroor Ahmad whom holds a position of leadership in the community: Aur meri naseehat tumhay yehi hai kay tumhari izzat bhi isi main hai ke ub isko choro moamlay ko. Aur ainda se ager koi huwa bhi kuch tha. Mujhe nahi pata ke huwa bhi ke nahi. Agar huwa bhi tha to wo log ub itnay muhtaat hogae hain ke toba taaib ker li hogi.

"This is my advice to you. I can advise you as a caretaker. And my advice to you for your respect is that you leave this situation alone. Even if something happened. I don't know if it happened or not. Even if it happened, those people now would be so careful and must have repented."

The authenticity of this call has not been challenged; rather his loyal followers have been trying to defend his comments to her. Further, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has remained silent on this since and has not offered any clarification. In fact, in the audio call, Nida-ul-Nasser says to him three times over, that the website ( says differently from what he is telling her! So of course it is no coincidence  that the those webpages have been removed as mentioned above.

The official twitter handle of the Qadian Jamaat tweeted:

Link to article now promoted by the Qadian Jamaat:

On Twitter, Nida-ul-Nasser finds herself in a position that she is being attacked online by many members of her own community that do not believe her and have gone so far as to label her as a lunatic. Fortunately, however, it appears there also many good-hearted members that are siding with her. Nida ul Nasser Ahmad has a profile on Twitter, since December 27, 2021 and as of 1/15/2022, she has 1464 followers. Some of her tweets are as follows:

All of a sudden we now see these kinds of articles prop up. The titles themselves indicate how guilty their so-called caliph truly is. 
January 17, 2022:
January 15, 2022:

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The article begins: Obedience to the Khalifa of the time is essential in Islam. Upon entering the pledge of allegiance (bai‘at), one willingly accepts to obey the Khalifa in all his decisions. Since the Khalifa is divinely guided, the decisions he makes are also directly inspired by Allah the Almighty – the infinite source of wisdom (Al-Hakeem). At times, however, this wisdom may not be understood by laymen at the first instance. This is why we believers are expected to “hear and obey”